Adult Education Provides Career Opportunities

Adult Education Provides Career Opportunities

Education is very extensive field and provides you several diverse opportunities. The House is on recess the week of May 8 and again the week of May 29. The Senate is on recess the week of May 29. These are opportunities to educate members of Congress on the importance of adult education by inviting them and their staffs to visit programs and participate in recognition ceremonies, as well as extending invitations for members to attend and speak at graduations.

In an attempt to answer his own question Why is business education unable to provide people with appropriate skills for employment, abilities and competencies to play citizenship roles, become self-reliant and pursue further training?”, Okwuanaso (2004:13) identified inadequate funding as a major factor arguing that without adequate funding, provisions of adequate infrastructural facilities and relevant equipment for the program will remain practically unattainable.

Code §§ 32212, 35160.) In the unlikely event that ICE or other government authorities decide to pursue immigration-related investigations on school campuses, school staff should follow appropriate district procedures applicable to any visitor on campus, which could include, but are not limited to: (1) requesting that the agent sign in at the front desk; (2) that the agent provide valid identification and statement of purpose; and (3) approval from the site administrator or Superintendent.

According to the National Center on Education and the Economy, It is still the case, and is likely to continue to be the case, unless something changes, that American workers, once the best-educated in the world, are now among the least welleducated in the industrialized world.” As you have reminded us, we live in an increasingly competitive world; one in which we cannot afford to waste the talents of even a single worker and while the freemarket works, it is not perfect.

Understanding the bigger picture of Public Education – where we fit in it, the shifts happening on local, state, national and global levels, the push to privatization, the emphasis on College & Career Readiness, the changes wrought by tech in terms of both how we deliver and receive information and the influence of tech money on what information is shared.

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