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Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is functional for more than 4 decades. In 1992, the Secretariat of Public Education officially increased compulsory education from primary school completed (grade six) for the completion of secondary school (ninth grade). You will cover areas such as planning, implementing and evaluating learning experiences and programs; […]


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The Secondary Education major is designed for students who intend to teach English, a foreign language, history, social studies, or social science, at the high school level. This certification enables graduates to teach life science, physical science and general science in Grades 7-8, and general science in 9-12th Grades in public, private, parochial, magnet, charter and online school settings. Thus, either an individual pursues earning a licensed or certified degree; one normally undergoes a higher education training program from any of these learning institutions.secondary education

Students should determine which subject area they intend to teach in high school, and work with their college advisor to select courses based upon the area of specialization and the institution to which they will transfer to complete the junior and senior years of the bachelor’s degree. This is an undergraduate program in the School of Education, University of Guam to provide opportunity for students to …


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The respective field of study department creates the program of study for secondary education majors. Please contact the Department or program coordinator for up-to-date Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements. A Secondary Teaching Practicum (student teaching experience) is also required; occurring only in the fall semester of senior year, allowing you the richest opportunity to learn how to set up a classroom, establish a class community, and implement curriculum.

Secondary 7-12 majors participate in three 60-hour field experiences, a variety of six- to 15-hour experiences and a full semester of student teaching. Besides this, most secondary education programs facilitate individuals earn a teaching certificate, which many schools ask teachers to hold these days. The program provides teacher education candidates with a wide range of practical experiences in public and private education settings. The goal of STELLAR is to strengthen the basic academic skills of primary school students in Adamawa State so …


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An advisor in the education division will be assigned upon the student’s admission to a teacher education program, though the primary advisor resides in the major department. He can support his family because he has been adult even he does not have power in the form of education. The program has graduated more often applied to a full curriculum of Maestría (Master’s degree) program, some may be the first year of Maestría. Most of the remaining students receive secondary education in secondary modern or grammar schools (these being remnants of the old tripartite school system), to which they are assigned after selective procedures at age 11. The student-teaching/internship semester is the final experience in teacher education. The second level education is not compulsory, but an overwhelming majority attends.

The fact that other countries are helping Tanzania to achieve better education in English and in that way other subjects is, in …


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Did you have a teacher whose encouragement gave you the confidence to master a challenging subject? A Secondary Education General Science degree prepares students to teach general science courses in the areas of chemistry, earth & space science, physics, and biology at the middle, junior, and senior high school levels (grades 6-12). Before erecting a school building, it is advised that you should conduct a survey of the requirements of the ministry of education. In India commerce was not considered as a separate discipline and it was reduced to an insignificant item of the twin departments Economics and Commerce, in which Economics had an upper hand.secondary education

You can earn either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Education, depending on your subject area. Graduates of the secondary education, general science concentration, are eligible to apply for Pennsylvania Instructional I Teaching Certification. The Report …