Online Bachelor’s Program (2)

Online Bachelor’s Program (2)

Health educators focus on helping groups of people, from family units to large urban communities, by developing educational campaigns and programs to promote healthy habits and environments. The integration of advanced technology in an allied health classroom allows students to actively engage in generating, obtaining manipulating or displaying information. It requires stringent and successful public- private sector partnerships to change citizens’ health beliefs and perceptions. At the graduate level, we offer a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Community Health Education. Citizen education requires significant shifts in cultural attitudes to health and wellness.

An advocate for kinesiology at the national and international levels, the American Kinesiology Association supports educational opportunities in the fields of exercise science and sport studies, health education and physical education, and sport management and recreation management. If you are more committed to an in-depth healing arts education, alternative health courses in massage therapy may be right for you. We believe the health of the public demands a workforce that is intellectually rigorous, socially engaged.

Upon graduation, students can expect to obtain employment as health educators in government and social agencies, public and private schools, and clinical settings such as hospitals and medical facilities (some of which may require further study). Sharing the knowledge that we learn about health and pass it on to others so they have the same opportunity to stay as healthy as they can. Health educators working in business/industry may be working one-on-one with individuals to help them modify and improve their diet, increase their physical activity, reduce their stress levels, stop smoking, etc.

The foundation of education is biology, health communication, human development, public health, and psychology of health. We seem to take health for granted and that makes us feel invincible up to the point that our health fails and then we look at our health. This projected increase from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that no matter what level of education a student decides to complete a career is obtainable. Your online coursework covers nutrition, alternative medicine, and behavior modification.

We partner with communities to co-create new knowledge to build the evidence necessary to advance public health, health equity, and social justice. The health education program at the University of Cincinnati is designed to prepare graduates for a variety of health education job opportunities. Yet, that number is no match to the number of allied health care workers that are needed to meet current and future needs in America.

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