Online College Education Courses & Degree Programs

EIT Digital is rapidly building up an Online Education portfolio that can be used as part of blended education settings, in Master and Doctoral programs, and stand-alone. Whether you’re looking to become a preschool or kindergarten teacher or want to expand your skillset and further your career in the higher education arena, you’ll find many options at the College of Education. Our new study is the first of which we are aware to provide evidence on the effects of online courses at-scale at non-selective four-year colleges. FOR SPRING 2015 CALL FOR PROPOSALS, 19 faculty members were funded to develop online and hybrid/blended courses. To establish an online community encouraging frequent and effective communication between the mentors, instructors, the students and the education

These courses are free of the constraints of K-12 and higher education, and are designed to delight and satisfy students. If you would like to continue working while completing your program or if you have responsibilities that make it difficult to commit to daily classes, online education may be for you. The bundle of modules doesn’t even necessarily need to culminate in a credential or a degree because the company itself validates the learning process.

Online courses and degree programs are more convenient and cheaper than their counterparts in traditional education. Online learning offers these working students a degree of flexibility difficult to achieve in a campus setting. Obviously a face-to-face course is synchronous, but there are synchronous online courses as well, in which classes will meet through live chat or through videoconferencing. Online master’s degrees are also popular among experienced professionals in fields that address steeper practical training requirements at the undergraduate level, like teaching and education

We have over 50 qualifications including postgraduate certificates, diplomas and taught masters degrees, across a wide range of subjects including Arts and Humanities, Business and Management, Computing and IT, Education, Engineering, Law, Mathematics and Science. The decision to attend college online is only the first of many that students must make before they begin their education

There are schools that have been delivering competency-based education offline for decades, but without a technological enabler, offline programs haven’t been able to take full advantage of what competencies have to offer. Studying by online education enables you to tailor your study to suit your circumstances, providing flexibility while remaining part of the SCU community. The majority of community colleges, a number of for-profit colleges, and even a few public four-year universities offer associate degrees online. However, these are some of the factors you’ll have to determine when creating your online course.