Education would be holistic , including facts, skills, physical discipline, and music and art, which he considered the highest form of endeavor. Review your educational philosophy statement and be prepared to discuss it at the interview or provide it in your job application. Knowing how each of these philosophies started seems interesting since each had […]


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In the article Green Schools Don’t Make the Grade” there were several facts that were presented as well as data regarding the effectiveness on energy savings of green schools verses newly constructed schools not under a green program. Let’s set aside the obvious political concerns among presidents about the Trump Administration or the selection of the new U.S. Education secretary that underscored many of the questions put to the presidents in the IHE survey, which was conducted in January and early February. In the early days (40 years back), majority of the populations was given an average of 4.7 years of school education (Ministry of Education, 2014).

The first of its kind in the nation, the Commonwealth Commitment is the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s innovative college affordability and completion plan that aims to help more Massachusetts students achieve the dream of a college career. We are calling on the …


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Number of Vacancies: The number of vacant posts of Graduate Teachers is approximately 4500 (the figure is indicative and may increase subject to vacancy). Education authorities attempt to provide prolonged guidance for the pupils and place them into increasingly differentiated programs of study throughout the last few years of the elementary school and the first two or three years of secondary school. With the guidance and support of a cooperating teacher and a college supervisor, you will gradually assume responsibility for planning and teaching in the secondary classroom for a full semester or more. It is the first serious attempt to examine all aspects of education (at all levels).

In 2008, the most recent year for which data are available, Ghana spent 5.7% of its GDP on education (World Bank). Citing the Ife example in which the Faculty of Education of the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) performed …


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Plywood is the most mundane of materials that we use in our daily living today. Many institutions worldwide, but particularly in North America, Australia and New Zealand, the United Kingdom and several other European countries such as Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands have taken early lead and invested heavily in online education infrastructure. Marine engineering is a challenging and an exciting opportunity which deals in making, designing and maintenance of ship related machines and engines. Not all careers pay equally when compare to the education required to enter them.

Second observation: The majority of undergraduate education occurs at schools that focus on four-year baccalaureate degrees or schools that also have graduate education (51.03%) but not far behind are schools that almost exclusively focus on associates or undergraduate education (42.15%). Out of this use of telecommunications to augment traditional campus university education comes one style of distance education, where lectures delivered …


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Berry College’s Teacher Education program is approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and has been cited as a model of excellence. In Missouri , for example, middle school certification covers grades 6-8, elementary school certification covers up to grade 5, and high school certification covers grades 9-12. The Secondary Education major is offered on both the Bethlehem and Monroe campuses. This program has been eliminated and the final cohort will have the opportunity to complete the student teaching requirement of their Bachelor of Science degree in spring semester, 2018. The overall allocation to adult education has, however, been increased by about 40%.

This certification enables graduates to teach earth science in Grades 7-12 in public, private, parochial, magnet, charter and online school settings. Then usually what happens they try to make their children leave school for the sake of not wasting time in getting education. So, be aware of …


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Complete this form, and an NLU Enrollment Specialist will consult with you on degree options that fit your needs. In classical and mediaeval times secondary education was provided by the church for the sons of nobility and to boys preparing for universities and the priesthood. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) declared that elementary and fundamental education was a right to be enjoyed by all, but again could not define either elementary and fundamental education.secondary educationsecondary education

The Government of India, have decided, with the approval of the Secretary of State, to assist Local Governments, by means of large grants from imperial revenues as funds become available’, to extend comprehensive systems of education in the several provinces. In his Didactica Magna (Great Didactic), 9 he outlined a system of schools that is the exact counterpart of many western school systems: kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, six-form college, university.

Those pupils attending …