PE Performance Programs

PE Performance Programs

The mission of the physical education concentration is to prepare students for transfer into a baccalaureate program to pursue state certification in teaching. Due to the fact that the requirements of each program vary somewhat, the time it takes one to complete his or her education will also vary. After retiring I had a Physical Education teacher come to me and ask if I could write a program to showcase the skills she teaches in Physical Education classes. As the education shifted from homes, home industries and farms to; nurseries, K.G. schools, schools, colleges, universities, corporate industries, research institutions etc.

The undergraduate Teacher Education program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the state of Georgia. Used together, the standards and framework will serve as a resource for all school stakeholders in developing a quality physical education program. Advanced technology, giving students access to the latest in physical education and sport technology. You will study physical education, educational studies and applied sport and exercise science. The program focuses on the promotion of lifetime health, wellness, and physical activity.

You can choose to develop experience and skills in practical activity areas within physical education including dance, gymnastics, athletics, swimming and outdoor adventurous activities. Description: This module introduces students to macro level policy and micro level practice in relation to the delivery of compelling high quality physical education and school sport.

Obesity is on the rise due to the lack of activity children have since schools are decreasing physical education classes. With an obesity epidemic on the rise in America, we need quality physical education teachers more than ever—knowledgeable and effective teachers who inspire and instill a love of fitness in their students. The framework will provide guidance for instruction, program development, and support for the teacher.

A concentration in exercise science will explore these questions and more to prepare you for advanced study in athletic training, exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, and physical therapy. Each state has specific guidelines about what will be taught and whether students can opt out of the sexual education program. Physical education is not just about measuring your physical strength, endurance, and all those other more empirical skills.

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