Singapore Math (2)

Singapore Math (2)

The Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Case Western Reserve University is an active center for mathematical research. The development continued in fitful bursts until the Renaissance period of the 16th century, when mathematical innovations interacted with new scientific discoveries, leading to an acceleration in research that continues to the present day. The School runs a Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre that looks after the large number of undergraduate students taught by the School. Mathematics is a base science that is used as an equipment to learn other sciences.

The common approach in applied math is to build a mathematical model of a phenomenon, solve the model, and develop recommendations for performance improvement. Having a mathematics major, minor, or concentration is applicable for those who want careers in engineering, physics, and computer science. Most non-specialist dictionaries define mathematics by summarizing the main mathematics topics and methods. Moreover, the types of problems addressed by elegant mathematical expressions are a rapidly shrinking subset of all the currently emerging scientific questions. Definition and properties of the Riemann integral, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.Mathematic

The answer changes depending on the philosophical stance of the definer, and on the branch of mathematics s/he wishes to focus on. And, as new branches of mathematics are discovered and developed, the definition also continues to develop, adapt and change accordingly. In this module we will undertake analysis and computational simulation of mathematical models of ecological and epidemiological systems including predator-prey systems, host-parasitoid systems, plant-herbivore systems, spread and transmission of disease (e.g. AIDS, SARS, measles, rabies). And there is many other problematic in mathematics which turn up in this modern period.

Fractal geometry looks at the mathematical theory behind fractals, the definition and properties of Hausdorff dimensioning and iterated function systems. This module provides an introduction to the Mathematics of Fluids and Plasmas, focusing on Fluid Dynamics. The fastest growing and most stable jobs are those that require a specialized skill, and analytical, mathematical applications are equally as important. While not necessarily an opposite to applied mathematics, pure mathematics is driven by abstract problems, rather than real world problems.

Two scholarships will be awarded for excellence in 100 level mathematics units to students who will be completing 12 credit points in mathematics at 200 level in the year of award. Because of our limited brainpower we seek out compact elegant mathematical descriptions to make predictions. Undergraduate student Zachary Bezemek has been named a Dean’s Research Scholar by the College of Natural Science for the 2017-2018 academic year. Since good notation in a mathematical problem is a valuable tool, the improvements in notation which Diophantus made were of great significance.

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