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The department provides examples of research based materials and resources on health education topics, human growth and development, health literacy and wellness literacy. It also serves to positively affect or educate a person about their work environment as well as their natural surroundings, ones that may impact their health. These professionals are Advance Practice Registered […] Read More

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Formed five years ago, the SIG is closely associated with the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain which is an associate society of BERA. Thus, the task of education is to take an ignorant person away from the world of senses through denying it and to make that person aware of the metaphysical world of ideas. Reflecting what I have learned through out this semester, I have to say it is an interesting process for me. I started out only having one philosophy of education class in my entire education career and we did not focus on philosophers and their writings on education but on pieces of education theories and the epistomology of the theories.

Curriculum is constructed in accordance with the aims of education that are ultimately guided by the objectives of life over which ph...

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As an intentional nod to Clever Hans , a ‘horse’ is just a system that is not actually addressing the problem it appears to be solving.” (Sturm, 2014). Since then, health education has incorporated topics from biology, psychology, medicine, and more, in order to help individuals and communities prevent diseases and maintain and improve their health through appropriate education. Health Awareness – Most of the employees like to follow these tips for the benefit of working together. Teaching and supporting are the best feasible ways of communicating health tips to the education

Health educators may be involved in such diverse areas as stress management, weight control, physical fitness, improved nutrition, smoking cessation, environmental health, family life and more...

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