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The Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education (BA AE) is the only provider of an undergraduate degree in adult education in Western Canada. We need to gather information about what Adult Ed needs: What will it take in terms of $ and resources to provide adequate levels of ESL and Citizenship when Immigration Reform finally does go through […]


Schooling Reform Group Mobilizes For 2014 Elections

President Obama on Thursday signed the first training reform bill handed by Congress in more than a decade, and admitted his shock that something supported by both events may very well be handed anymore. In contrast to the strongest traditions of our subject, which have centered heavily on selling an appreciation of the visual arts of the past, art schooling from this perspective is concerned with taking a more essential stance and addressing the increasingly tough challenges of the visual arts sooner or later” (325). Furthermore, college students study to work collectively based on widespread objectives and peers learn to help each other as some college students change into consultants” in sure areas (Douglas, 2009).

Increasing entry to computer systems will assist bridge among the gaps between digital haves and have nots, however only in a context by which free wi-fi is coupled with new educational initiatives to help youth …