Training & Development For Adult Education

Training & Development For Adult Education

The items created for this weeks lesson are an extension of the previous lesson from last week. It is assumed that a continuing education student has completed basic schooling or some form of formal education. The school district, however, will be able to utilize the extent of its discretion authorized by law by establishing policies and procedures to ensure the security of its students, such as creating appropriate limits to immigration officials’ visits to school and disallowing staff to ask questions about a student’s or parent’s immigration status.

I created my own powerpoint on Adult Ed Reform for the Grassroots Summit last summer in June 2014 but have yet to post it on this blog. Item 6 which states that 1 feel sexuality education will increase my urge for sexual intercourse was rejected. Getting an adult education degree online is a fantastic way to return your mind to study mode and to get yourself together in terms of having an educational future; there is no time that is too late for entering into adult educational studies and the internet has made this a much easier task.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria (2004) states that mass literacy, adult and non-formal education encompasses all forms of functional education given to youths and adults outside the formal school system, such as functional literacy, remedial and vocational education. Adult school funds can now be used for other programs (Flexibility), and Governor Brown’s current budget proposal includes a new funding formula (Weighted Student Formula) that would eliminate dedicated funding for adult schools entirely.” Adult schools need dedicated funding restored.

From 2008 to 2013 funding for adult schools was in free fall under Categorical Flexibiity. This course explores the meanings and different philosophies of adult education, how it has functioned to serve diverse interests (e.g. state, civil society, economic or market forces), and examines some historical examples in Canada and elsewhere. It recommends a plan to transition from Tier III flexibility back to categorical funding that will not shock districts that are using at least some adult school funds for other purposes (most of them are doing this).

Adult Schools have a specific role in American society and for that they deserve to have their own funding. Categorical flex is due to expire at the end of the 2014-15 school year, and the LAO is recommending that starting in 2015-16 adult education be restored as a categorical program with a dedicated funding stream. On the other hand, having few schools discourages the Fulani from participating in education. California Adult Education Administrators Association CAEAA is just what it sounds like. And because Adult Education matters, having a seat at the table when the money is handed out matters. You can describe, in your own words, what YOU think is best for Adult Education.

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