Vocational High Schools

Vocational High Schools

Fundamentally, the purpose of vocational high schools is to provide education for employment. There are seven principles to guide technical writing: remember your purpose (to inform or persuade), remember your audience (their concerns, background, attitude toward your purpose), make your content specific to its purpose and audience, write clearly and precisely (active voice, appropriate language to audience), make good use of visuals (good page design and graphics), and be ethical (truthful, full disclosure, no plagiarizing).

Armed with its Mission and Vision, AG&PFI Technical School offers intensive technical skills training, utilizing a syllabus which includes subjects on Mathematics, English Proficiency, How to Read Engineering Drawings, Welding Signs and Symbols, Values Formation, Occupational Health and Safety, Physical Fitness including Civil Welfare Training Service.

AG&PFI, jointly with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO), Bauan Municipal Government, and the councils of participating schools and barangays, conducted a tree planting program with the theme Nurture the Nature, Sponsor a Tree” in realization of its corporate social responsibility last July 2008.

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