Adult Education Matters

Adult Education Matters

The ALE Graduate Certificate Program (GCALE) is designed for those who want to study at the graduate level, but don’t have time to complete a full master’s program. In addition, I am able to tell my sons something new and crucial about culture and life style in the USA that I have learned in my school. Elective courses could include other ALE courses as well as courses in other EDST programs, other Faculty of Education departments, and other UBC departments and faculties. The study was carried out in Enugu State amongst final year senior secondary school students and amongst a cross section of parents who have some stake in the universities. The public wants public education and the public wants to fund it. That is why we voted for Prop 30.

Through this funding and service network, adult learners (eighteen years old or more) may acquire the education and skills to complete in the global economy and establish a higher quality of life. If you have an Associate’s degree, think about going further and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. We cannot deny the fact that our female students often experiment with sex, and need sexuality education.

If cuts and challenge come to K-12, they will come in worse form for Adult Ed. Adult Ed is still the stepchild of the Public Education system, last in funding and understanding. A second implication from this material is that adult education is an area in which educators need to continue to learn and consider how technology can assist in making opportunities available to adult learners. Proficiency with computers and a degree in IT are required in most jobs nowadays.

I would like to sort some things out about my experiences in adult ed and about how we move on from here… and it seems I will have some time on my hands. Adult schools serve all the vulnerable groups of people who will be most hurt by proposed cuts to federal programs. For higher education and older learners, the report shows a growth and diversification of online education but an unimpressive continuation of doubts amongst members of the public as to the worth of diplomas from online institutions. In the midst of the recession and the attendant cuts and budget chaos, the state began making plans to reform” the adult education system.

For ESL practitioners, the most troubling feature of the report is the recommendation that all adult literacy classes begin charging a fee of $25 or so per course. Please take a few minutes to think about what you want for Adult Ed and share your ideas and opinions in this questionnaire – then ask others to share theirs, too. I strongly encourage anyone who has ever thought about furthering their education to just go for it like I did.

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