Adult Education Provides Career Opportunities (2)

Adult Education Provides Career Opportunities (2)

Defined as the science and art of helping adults learn, 8 9 the practice of adult education is referred to as andragogy, to distinguish it from the traditional school-based education for children pedagogy. Even though my school district, Sweetwater Union High School District, ended its Older Adults program, when I personally teach senior citizens art or English, I see that yearning in their eyes and burn in their spirit to learn more, to reach new heights as people, to connect with other students who share a common goal. And yet, through it all, people did not give up. Students, staff, and administrators stubbornly kept saying, Adult Education matters,” working in every way they could think of, to get that message to the public, the Legislature, the DOF, and Brown.

Table 4 above showed that t-calculated is less than t-critical at 980 degree of freedom. The report states: Though many types of instruction can be of value to students, we believe the ten statutorily permitted instructional areas of adult education are not all of equal value” (page 21-22). There were six education zones in Enugu State-namely, Obollo Afor, Nsukka, Enugu, Awgu, Udi, Agbani. For those who decide to continue into the master program then you can transfer your Certificate educationadult education

Monty Lish, out of Sweetwater, made a video to rally support for Adult Ed and the petition LA gathered ten thousand signatures on their own hand-written petition and delivered it in person. That’s why, in spite of the challenges so many Adult School students face every day, they are finding the courage and energy to speak up and demand a return in funding for Adult Education. In the process, there is a concerted effort by the political leaders to integrate citizens who are naturally diverse in terms of their culture, religion language, economy, education and politics so as to form a united and stable society.

Adult education programs are an important strand in the state’s safety net, offering community-based classes to some of the state’s neediest adults ranging from the unemployed, the disabled, and the elderly to ex-offenders re-entering society and immigrants trying to learn English and become citizens. Adult upper secondary schools are flexible in preparing individual curricula and adapt the study process to the needs of the students, allowing them to study single subjects, for example.

Doing your own brainstorming on what you would like to see in a regional consortium (i.e. – improved transitions for adult learners, articulated career/ academic pathways, outreach and counseling, common assessments, etc.). Through rallies, letter writing, phone, and social media campaigns, and meetings with elected officials, we have contributed to successful campaigns to keep adult schools open in California. The population for the study is 473 respondents which are made up of child-bearing mothers that attend Adult education programme in the seven (7) local government area that constitute the education

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