The success or failure of any business endeavor largely depends on how you write your business letters. Based on this authors personal experience it is very rare for a prospective student to not be accepted at a technical college so don’t be taken in by any particular recruiter who tries to turn the tables on you by telling you that they aren’t sure if you’re qualified to attend. Having good English language skills is only the tip of the skills you want to have as a technical writer. Through time, you can enhance your skills and will know the basics of technical writing procedures.

Back then business people and technical managers collaborated to produce a functional specification intended to describe all the features of the final system. One guy I work with has worked as an architect, engineer, consultant, system admin and a programmer and I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with a more interesting technical skillset. We talk with them one-on-one at campus Career Fairs, during classroom roundtables and at college IT clubs. If you are a senior student who has more time for part-time jobs, you can also do part-time technical writing online jobs. When you buy technical gizmo, you always have to read the manual that explains how to operate or set-up a system.

Also, if you’re aiming to be a good techie, the reality is you can pretty much ignore anything to do with management and business, hone your skills until their razor sharp, go to market as a contractor and make a salary at a level only senior executives can dream about (I had one friend tell me recently he is making five figures a week as a contractor but let me tell you, he has no time to spend it).

The purpose of business communication is to build up, not to break up. Cheerfulness in the business message is writing positively rather than negatively, that is you have to show in your sentences a genuine willingness to serve your readers. The more objective is a technical document, the more it is easy to follow the words. In order to reduce risk to project development and sustainability, and unless there are good reasons not to do so, it is generally wise to ensure that the technical expertise employed by your project is supported by expertise in your institution or one that is a partner to the project.

Newer definitions of technical communication now point to technical communication as multidisciplinaryā€¯ (Kynell & Tebeaux, p. 136) or interdisciplinaryā€¯ (Lay, p. 147). You should provide information about the process of technical development, showing how the standards and formats described in section 2.a and the hardware and software described in section 2.b relate to each other. The lower-level managers require more technical skills and fewer conceptual skills.

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