Continuing Education

Continuing Education

The Certificate in Adult Education focuses on: understanding adult education learning theory and philosophies; becoming aware of the diverse needs of adult learners; and, learning and applying the methodologies and strategies needed to teach adults. There is no formal representation for Adult School/Ed students such as there is for UC students and other branches of Higher Ed. Until the final phase of the AB86 Workgroup, no Adult Education student in the history of California had ever sat on a state decision making body such as UC students do through the UC Regent system. These traditional attitudes such as non-movement of women at night as a result of occult practices also hinder effective participation of women in Adult education programmes.

To remove the chronic illiteracy among the mobile population of Nigeria, the nomadic education program has three goals To raise the living standard of the rural community; to harness the potentials of the Fulani; and to bridge the literacy gap between the Fulani and rest of the society. The report talks vaguely about the mission of adult education being too broad”, but the Older Adult program is the only one specifically targeted for elimination, apparently because the LAO doesn’t think the state should spend money on any program not directly related to the education

Carol Liu (D-Glendale) , who is working on a bill, and the Department of Finance to fashion a compromise that will ensure funding for the state’s existing district adult education programs and create clear pathways from district adult schools to college — another criticism of the current adult education system. In F.C. Okafor, E. Okeem, & J.I. Mereni (eds.), Foundations of Adult Education.

SB 173 further affirms that a new adult education program will begin on July 1, 2015, and the continued work of the consortia will be needed to implement the AB 86 consortia plans. It’s quite common to like the idea of commencing adult education training but to be paralyzed by the obstacles you foresee in actually starting. From the analysis on Table 2 above, it can be deducted that all the domestic chores in the family affect women education. Therefore, many advanced countries mobilize the potentials of Adult education to deal with the problems of poverty.

R – Renewed commitment to adult literacy education by our federal and state policymakers will return itself in greater national achievements in the education of children and the increased global competitiveness of the American workforce. Flood, muddy terrain, leaking roofs, and uncooperative weather have resulted in the loss of school days. The other partner, the adult schools, is completely dependent on the consortia for survival.

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