Education & Institutions

Education & Institutions

Get essential information about our academic programs, admissions & financial aid. In addition, NUEPA (National University of Educational Planning and Administration) and NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education) are responsible for the management of the education system and teacher accreditation. The aspects of school education covered are the problems of expansion, curriculum, teaching methods, text-books, guidance, evaluation, administration and supervision.secondary education

Both our Early Childhood Literacy program and Youth Education Program (YEP) provide supplemental classes for those students who are falling behind in school, ensuring that many more children will stay in school and gain the education they need for a more prosperous and secure future. Accordingly the first Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) for Secondary Education in Assam will be conducted in the last week of February, 2013 by the Government of Assam, in Secondary Education Department. Students must also pass an exit examination (currently PRAXIS II) and the APTTP in order to receive certification. The core education units comprise the bulk of the course and are taken throughout the four years.secondary education

This increase in alertness of the importance of education and high birth rates in every part of Nigeria has made Nursery and Primary School business a very profitable venture. Classes are offered face-to-face, online, and in a hybrid format (a combination of both online and face-to-face delivery methods). The degree should minimally contain 80 SCQF credit points relevant to the teaching qualification or qualifications being studied. He graduated with an education and history degree to pursue his goal of being a high school history teacher.

One of the largest opportunities for an increase in formal post-secondary education involves current and future employees of the service industry, specifically food service and sales. General secondary education covers the education of children between 15-18 for at least four years after primary education. In Ireland secondary school starts at the age of 12, and lasts three or optionally five or six years.secondary education

As a second year education student I have much to learn about the curriculum content and the ways to teach it. I have life experience and prior learning in both of my teaching areas, however, I am not necessarily familiar with the digital resources and tools that are currently specific to these areas. While planning or thinking about all these future options for the kids, parents usually get obsessed by the fact whether to opt for CBSE schools in India or get their kids admitted to ISCE schools in India!

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