European Mathematical Society

European Mathematical Society

Educational Studies in Mathematics presents new ideas and developments of major importance to those working in the field of mathematical education. Mathematics graduates are consistently amongst those attracting the highest graduate salaries and can choose from an ever-widening range of careers in research, industry, science, engineering, commerce, finance and education. Information for prospective undergraduate, PGDip, Master of Science and Research Higher Degree students in our School. Students taking this module must usually have achieved a pass mark in the module MA42007 (Mathematics of Fluids I), or a similar course. Mathematics developed in China (300 BC), India (100 CE) and in Arabia (800 CE).Mathematic

We believe that undergraduates are best served by studying in a Division that is active in research to the highest level, and we are fortunate in having an excellent international reputation for our research work. The Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA) (Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics) is a world-renowned mathematical sciences research institute that plays a leading role in Brazil and Latin America.

Created in 1952, IMPA has a mission that includes undertaking high-level research in pure and applied mathematics, training new researchers, disseminating mathematical culture and knowledge in all of its forms, and developing projects to improve mathematical teaching at all levels. More details about our research in Mathematics can be found through the links to our research groups, at the bottom of this page. We have a strong external and international focus and have started the first international research institute/research station in Australia in 2015, [email protected]

Careers in mathematics research are available within both the private and public sectors, with employers including private or government research laboratories, commercial manufacturing companies and universities. Nipissing University’s Computer Science and Mathematics department hosts a series of research seminars, presented by students, faculty and visiting scholars. The Andersonian Mathematical Society acts as a focus for students in the department. Some institutions offer a Masters in Mathematics (MMath) as a first degree, which allows students to enroll to study mathematics to a more advanced level straight after completing secondary education.MathematicMathematic

The Centre for Behavioural Biology is an interdisciplinary venture between Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Veterinary Sciences, providing excellent research facilities for the study of pure and applied animal behaviour and its mathematical modelling. Mathematics is a great skill and should be applied in business – in accounting and finance alike. We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Infocrest Finweb (KPO Company) in going to the next phase as Academia de Mathematica – AdeM.

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