How to overcome the sense of lazy learning

How to overcome the sense of lazy learning

Often parents and teachers punish and insult the lazy child. This leads to dissatisfaction with the child, the child will lose confidence and collapse personality. Whereas laziness is very need sympathy, affection and proper handling. For that effort must be done to overcome lazy children learn by the steps as follows:

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  1. Inculcating the correct understanding of the ins and outs of learning in children from an early age. Explain the language the child understands. fostering self-learning initiatives in children, instilling awareness and responsibility as a learner in children is another long-term benefit.


  1. Give examples of “learning” in children. Children tend to imitate the behavior of parents. When instructing and watching children learn, parents also need to look learning (e.g. reading books). Occasionally dads need to discuss with each other, on serious topics (the atmosphere of a child in a group work and a discussion with friends, so the child sees that his parents are also learning).


  1. Provide incentives if the child is learning. Incentives that can be given to a child do not always have to be material, but can also be appreciation and attention. Praise the child when he wants to learn without being asked to


  1. Often ask questions about things that are taught in school in children (not in a child’s test case, but for example while filling in the puzzle or participating in the quiz). If the child can answer, praise him by calling his intelligence as a result of learning. If the child can’t, show a sense of disappointment and say “Well can’t answer, can not help mom, in the textbook there is not the answer? We see it together”. In this way, the child at the same time will feel trusted and appreciated by parents, because parents want to ask for help.
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