Journal Of Adult Education Studies

Journal Of Adult Education Studies

In January, Governor Brown released a proposed 2017-2018 budget that, once again, fails to provide any additional money for California’s adult schools. In other words, on a national level, the NCL collects information about Adult Education, comes up with a vision about how it can be, and then shares that information and vision with Congress, Government Agencies, and the Adult Ed community in order to shape the future of Adult Education. As at March, 2004, 5000 new jobs had been directly created out of the telecom sector.

These services are provided via a network of school districts, community colleges, community or faith-based organizations, volunteer literacy organizations, public or private nonprofit agencies, public libraries, correctional facilities, and state agencies. Adult school funding has been increased by not one penny since 2008, even though adult schools were very hard hit by the recession and every other branch of education has received an increase. The Adult Education program and the dedicated teachers who make it function, must be educationadult education

Adult schools are an important strand in the state’s safety net, offering community-based classes to some of the state’s neediest adults, ranging from the unemployed, the disabled, and the elderly to ex-offenders re-entering society, immigrants trying to learn English and become citizens, and high school dropouts seeking to earn their GEDs. The Division of Adult Education and Literacy (DAEL) helps Americans improve their life standards by helping them in giving a high quality of education. Suzanne Ludlum, who teachers at Koreamatsu Discovery Academy and Esperanza Elementary in East Oakland, said mothers move from her literacy class to her GED class or into the job education

Wherever we have gone, we have insisted that student’s input be considered when planning or deciding about our education that would affect our future. Now the State of California gives Adult Education – both Adult Schools plus some Community Colleges – 500 million dollars. The focus is on the purpose and participation in, adult education, characteristics of learners, and the training of adult educators.

Adult education does not only equip an individual to earn a living but also help him/her to enjoy a fuller life so that the individual can make a positive and worthwhile contribution to the community in which he lives. If the budget passes with the amount of the AEBG unchanged, 2017-2018 will mark the ninth year that adult schools have gone without an increase in their state funding, which is their largest and most important source of funding. Present day adult education professionals can learn many valuable lessons from this era.

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