Maine DOE (2)

Maine DOE (2)

Adult education programs provide a range of instructional services to help adults develop the skills for further educational opportunities, job training and better employment, and to realize their full potential as productive workers, family members and citizens. Therefore, it can be deducted from the analysis on Table 2 above that the major strategies employed by Adult Education in the reduction of poverty in Enugu State include: creation of interpersonal communication; encouragement of personal hygiene and environmental sanitation, eradication of illiteracy and creation of awareness through enlightenment campaign and training.

Maybe putting myself and my work out there in this public space will generate some discussion, perhaps raise some awareness, or affirm the importance of what we adult educators do. It is possible that my project here will only add to the overabundance of bloggy bloviation on the internet these days with a special significance to barely anyone at all.

Students bring diverse interests in how adult learning and education contributes to many areas of concern including: health education, gender and women’s learning, social activism, online learning, workplace learning, intercultural and multicultural issues, anti-oppression, program planning, adult literacy, English as an Additional Language, environmentalism, and educationadult educationadult education

In the same vein, Aremu (1987) stated that the success of any business education program, like all other education programs, is largely determined by the objectives of the program, provision of infrastructural facilities and funds, adequate instructional equipment and materials, a well-defined curriculum content in addition to well-trained, adequately qualified and well-motivated teachers.

As well as evaluating all components of your application, we must be convinced by the statement of intent that your academic interests are congruent with those of the department and the ALE program, that your background is adequate for graduate work in your area of interest, and that the department and university possess the necessary resources for you to complete the degree.

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