The New CBSE Grading System

The New CBSE Grading System

If you missed the PUSD Board of Education meeting February 9, 2016, you missed a raw performance by the B-S Duo. If a sufficient number of citizens complain to their elected state representatives it is possible to have statewide legislation enacted that addresses the nepotism problem as well, just as was seen in Oklahoma. I have completed, recently, my BA in History; as well as have an AA degree in Education and an AS degree in Computer Animation. In Oklahoma the state legislature has actually taken legislative action to deal with the nepotism problem in school employment practices by issuing House Bill 2479, which bans residents from holding board of education positions if their relative is employed by the school district and vice versa (Rousselot, 2006).

Roth IRAs can be used tax and penalty free for higher education expenses, with limitations. Teachers and other employees who did not have to work hard to get their jobs often times do not feel the need to work hard to defend their jobs. The School Act provides for the removal of Trustees that miss 3 consecutive Board meetings. This was done to try and eliminate some of the corruption associated with the spoils system and capricious distribution of government jobs to unqualified individuals.board of educationboard of education

He also use written and spoken English as a yardstick for measuring standard of education which University of London conducted a research in West Africa and the result showed that teachers trained by colonial masters were better of than those trained by indigenous teachers. This re-call effort is a spiteful action against a man of integrity and honor, by a group of angry, disgruntled people, who have an agenda that is not focused on children and education. Time, money and many people’s efforts will again be directed away from what is really important; Children and Education.

Our mission is to provide a quality education that prepares all children for a successful future. On Saturday, October 5th, I received a phone call from Board member Charles Sellers, asking me to meet with him. The focus and direction of the Board will be lead by Ms. ‘Connor-Ratcliff, who has shown her desire to do what is right and put aside any personal agenda she may have.

In order for the educational system in this country to produce students who are not clueless about its history and the world surrounding them, it should be restructured in several ways. This allows the students to communicate better with the gadgets, have no problems fitting in with the others, and also don’t have problems finding jobs once they are out of school.board of education

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