Thinking About An Online Education Program?

Thinking About An Online Education Program?

There are criticisms associated with online learning models and how they are changing student-instructor interactions, but it is undeniable that we are on the cusp of a dramatic change to the education model. Work online by reading lecture notes, checking assignment due dates, participating in group discussions, submitting coursework, taking quizzes or exams, and communicating with your professor. Our study uses data from DeVry University, a large for-profit college with an undergraduate enrollment of more than 100,000 students, 80 percent of whom are seeking a bachelor’s degree. The NCES and BSRG report that the majority of colleges and universities now offer online courses.

The big money will be in for-credit courses, but there’s still huge potential for personal knowledge courses in areas of arts, culture and science. This underutilized process can be applied by online educators to improve student engagement, interest, and learning. Randomized controlled trials, which are very expensive in the offline world, become very cheap in the online world. While online course-taking is both prevalent and growing, especially in non-selective higher education institutions, relatively little evidence has examined how taking a course online instead of in person affects student success in college. Since learners are in control, online courses allow for a whole new level of freedom.

Whether or not one wants career-oriented classes or a chance to learn about an extraneous topic, MOOCs offer numerous opportunities. Online students are taught by the same nationally-recognized and tenured on campus faculty with PhD degrees and a reputation for excellence both in the classroom and beyond. I believe I will be more successful at UW-Whitewater having started at UW Colleges Online.

The fact that online programs are cheaper when compared to the ones held in a traditional campus setting is enough to convince you to consider them. Online education will also dramatically shorten the time from learning what works to implementing what works. It’s possible to imagine an education system in which degrees are assembled from many sources and many institutions offer credentials based on various types of assessment. This two-year degree can help students grasp the general fundamentals of teaching techniques, but an associate degree alone will not lead to licensure.

Assessment should include intangible aspects, and should also offer multiple means of demonstrating learning, including individual and group projects and online presentations,” says Liz Pape , president of VHS, a nonprofit virtual school and consultancy. To succeed in online education requires the ability to be very self-directed and committed to a plan of action,” he said.

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